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You and your associates are truly great and your company is one of excellence.
P.S. After your help, I was able to learn to use the frogpad!
- S. Latham

"I decided to order the Left handed FrogPad, being right handed, because I have heard about all the rewards mentally for being ambidextrous. I have found all I heard to be true, after working hard to get my left hand to learn the Frog Pad, I felt like I had a newer sense of focus and could get things done more quickly. I also found myself using my left hand more in other areas, I was so impressed with my ability to get things done quicker and my sharper mental focus, that I even went to see my doctor to see if what I was experiencing was from learning to type with my Left Hand. He confirmed my initial impression that learning to use both hands, is like learning to use both sides of the brain. Now I know that I am not just getting things done quicker using the FrogPad, but I am also getting more results for my added focus, from increased use of the right hemisphere of my brain."
- B. Perdue

"I am disabled. I have Cerebral Palsy and can only use my right hand and arm. I use a powerchair all the time. The FROGPAD has been my primary keyboard since 4 days after receiving the FROGPAD. For the last 3 months, my USB FROGPAD has been my ONLY keyboard because my computer stopped accepting any NON USB keyboards. Thank goodness for my USB FROGPAD." Have a fantastic day!
- J. Van Kampen

"I will be trying this with some of my blind students. My Blind students who are at grade level are Braille and pre Braille readers, so they will learn to use the Braille machine and their Braille lites. But since their teachers don't read Braille they also learn the QWERTY keyboard so that they can produce content in regular print. I am excited at the prospect of trying the FrogPad, because I think it will be easier for them to learn. For kids with very LOW vision I imagine that they could type with one hand, leaving the other hand free to track the line of print and help keep place. I just like the keyboard personally because I have carpal tunnel and neuropathy and arthritis and QWERTY is tiring. I'm not blind…just aging a little!

"I had reviewed this myself over the break but Sam really did not need my help. The tutorial is so clear. He just went flying through it. It was after 5 when he finally said he was tired. And he was so curious about it. He was asking questions about it and figuring out the answers on his own. Like…how do you do numbers? And then he saw the number function and the symbol function and bingo, he solved both riddles. It was like watching him with a new game or toy.
- H. Ward

I ordered a new version of FrogPad…Bluetooth! Now I have a new Mac and I am ready to start using my "new" FrogPad. I'm delighted that things are going well in the Froggie world."
- S. Kyrklund

"I appreciate the FrogPad very much!! My son is just now starting to use it! He loves it! (He has mild Cerebral Palsy and is unable to type with his right hand. His computer teacher is going to teach him how to use the FrogPad using his good left hand. Both of them are very excited! Now my son says he doesn't feel so out of place and can type and will be able to go fast like the other kids!) Is an answer to our prayers!!" Thanks to FrogPad!
- C. Castro

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