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FrogPad™ NoteTaker aka SoftFrog™ is the latest product from FrogPad™. This first version is really for FrogPad™ supporters who have an understanding of FrogPad™ keyboards. If you do not have a FrogPad™ keyboard and you want to train yourself, you can familiarize yourself here:


This App will be upgraded with games and DropBox in the future.

SoftFrog™ is the downloadable version of a hardware FrogPad™ keyboard for iPad® NoteTaker and is available in both left and right-handed versions. The FrogPad™ IP allows for use on multi-touch screen computers, smart phones, and tablets. SoftFrog™ is the first alternative multi-touch user interface for mobiles, tablets, and surface applications.

Multi-touch displays are on their way to becoming more popular as the interface to a broad range of devices including automotive, gaming, entertainment, and within commercial / industrial applications. This new wave of technology is designed both for mobility and interface commonality. As such, this requires a new, advanced way to input data. Proficiency with the FrogPad™ method of input will translate to all multi-touch apps as this integration continues. And it is the first and only successful alternative hardware keyboard which gained acceptance all over the world. It is fast and simple to learn. With the iPad®, it is strictly a note taking app and soon FrogPad™ will be integrating other apps within the NoteTaker app.

For a tutorial on the FrogPad™ go to


• Use as one handed, either left hand or right hand
• Set up and save separate files
• Copy and paste into emails or documents
• Larger numeric keypad
• 30 of the most commonly used symbols

For Non FrogPad™ users, consider it a new game!

Your feedback is very important to us, and please pass this on to all of your iPhone®/iPad® bloggers, users, and especially application developers who can embed SoftFrog™ on Facebook, Twitter, games, home entertainment and automation. Ask us for the API.

iPad App - View in iTunes Store

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