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FrogPad2™ with Bluetooth® and USB:
FrogPad™ is the ideal one hand keyboard complement to joysticks, control panels, touchscreens, optical sensors, mechanical controls and more. FrogPad™ is one-handed freedom and advancement. Will interface with PCs, Macs, Linux computers, tablets and mobile phones.

FrogPad2 EU - FrogPad2 with EU letter layout with all the accents coming soon as well!

Product Specifications:
Both USB and Bluetooth® wireless technology in the same device. Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled solution Bluetooth® HID profile 10m (30 feet) range; Integrated rechargeable battery (via USB); Portable with all the functions of a full-sized keyboard; Single-handed use with full-sized keys (actual mechanical keys); Compatible with devices using the Bluetooth ® HID profile 3" x 5" compact size. Dimensions: 5.60"" x 3.73"" x 0.66"" (0.35"" Corner Radius). U.S. Patents 5,793,312; 6,348,878. U.S. Patents and International Patents Pending. For more information about FrogPad™ keyboards check out our frequently asked questions page or e-mail

What is intriguing about FrogPad™ is the multiple devices in which it can be embedded. In an effort to assist OEMs interested in developing their own Bluetooth® FrogPad™ keyboards and headsets, FrogPad™ will also unveil the licensing model of the single chip solution, which will incorporate FrogPad’s™ unique algorithm with the latest Bluetooth® Human Interface Device (HID) profile. The HID profile includes an inventory of devices that informs a Bluetooth® radio transmitter how to communicate with a specific device. By incorporating the HID profile, FrogPad™ provides OEMs the assurance that FrogPad™ products are Bluetooth® enabled right out of the box.

“The biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of portable messaging in the U.S. is the clunky text input." says Timothy Captain, of Laptop Magazine. The Bluetooth® technology positions FrogPad™ as the de facto standard for mobile wireless internet. It is compact and portable with full-sized keys, and has total functionality of a regular keyboard. There is no other competition.

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