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Caroline's Question: I already have a Magic TrackPad, but I still want to be able to convert it into a Magic FrogPad. How can I do this without receiving the gift?

Froggie's Answer: Many people in the one-handed revolution have asked the same question and already own a TrackPad. Follow FrogPad on Facebook and Twitter for clever, user community innovations and solutions.

Jodi's Question: Linda, I DO NOT have a MAC. Will there be a Windows 7 compatible ?FROGPAD TRACKPAD At some point?

Froggie's answer: When a company develops a product like the Apple Magic Trackpad for PC we will develop the software, and we shall soon have the FrogPad one handed keyboard hardware available. Stay tuned.

David's Question: Can't find where to get the "cling" on the website. Could you send link? And will my enhanced track pad then pair with my iPad? Glad funding came through. Did you say that the newest models would also include a flash drive so we could use it for storage also or am I hallucinating? Sent from my iPad with best regards

Froggie's Answer: David, the clings will be available Sept. 1, and no, iPad will not allow our Magic FrogPad software which requires Snow Leopard +. Since we are using the Apple Magic Track Pad, it will not have storage capability.

Brian's Question: I am a PC user, any idea when the right-handed USB Frogpads will become available again?

Froggie's Answer: Brian, the hardware FrogPads should be available year-end, we have the design and production ready to go, and we are waiting on funding.

Buddy's Question: there is no information about the overlay for the Mac trackpad on your website. I not even sure the trackpad can pair to the ipad if i like type on ipad. Where do get info on the layover and when's the keyboard coming out? Still November?

Froggies Answer: Magic FrogPad software will be used on Mac OS Snow Leopard and above. The Apple Magic Track pad does not pair to an iPad. The new hardware FrogPad will be released later this year.

Chika's Question: How do I type the Cmd Key? I tried Space+U(LeftHanded), but it's not working at all.

Froggie's Answer: The command key will be in our updated software in 30 days.

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