Learning to use your FrogPad


Learning to type on a FrogPad™ is very easy, and with our tutorial software you will become a frog master in less than 10 hours. Even after a couple of hours you should be typing at around 20 words per minute. You will notice that typing on the FrogPad™ is simply more intuitive than a standard QWERTY keyboard. This means that you do not need a formal semester long typing course to train you.

So if you want to learn how Froggy works download our instruction manual and interactive software tutorial below.


FrogPad User Manuals

FrogPad Interactive Tutorials

Use the links below to download the contents of the FrogPad interactive tutorial CD. In order to reduce the amount of CDs that end up in our landfills FrogPad no longer includes this training CD along with each keyboard. The files applicable to your use are all available for download on this web page.

FrogPad interactive Tutorial files for Mac

FrogPad interactive Tutorial files for Windows