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5-Speed FrogPad™

The newest iPhone 5 interface is an evolution of the FrogPads revolutionary single hand keyboard (left or right) currently used on Apple iPads. Since the newest iPhone version uses a bigger screen, the Frogpad, is now programming the software, dubbed the "Smartphone 5-Speed FrogPad", for the new device. FrogPad management believes that the new rollout of the interface will take place within the next two months.

FrogPad NoteTaker™ Instructions

The information and screen shots below will help you learn a more efficient way to enter data on your iPhone. We've also started a Frequently Asked Questions log at the bottom of this page.

If you have purchased our keyboard software for your iPhone and have questions about its use please contact us at with your inquiry.

FrogPad NoteTaker can be used in either portrait or landscape position. To use the keyboard with just one hand it works best in landscape position. To use the keyboard with both thumbs it works great in either landscape or portrait position.

Multi Touch

FrogPad NoteTaker is Multi touch. In both Landscape and Portrait mode, you can press 2 keys simultaneously to access the letters/numbers/symbols. We left this functionality in for experienced FrogPad users.

True Froggie Aficionados will understand this process. For instance, if you press the ‘Space’ and the ‘T’ simultaneously, you will get a ‘C’.

Quick Pointers

To make FrogPad left handed: On iPhone Home screen, go to ‘Settings’, Scroll down to FrogPad NoteTaker, select ‘left’. Left handed app is the mirror image of the Right handed version.


File Manager: Press "+" to start a new file. Use the iPhone keyboard to name the file. Press "?" for the FrogPad website. Press "Edit" to rename or delete a file.


To Delete: Swipe 2 letters to the left, in a natural back-up motion. That is, start by touching any letter key, move your finger two keys to the left, and release. Any key can be used to delete. If you are having difficulties accurately deleting, please make sure you are are moving your finger in a straight line, as it does not respond well to diagonal movement. Some users have reported there being a "sweet spot." We are currently working on enabling select all and "cut" or "replace" text.

Scroll through screens: Press "Symbols" to scroll through keyboard layouts.


The "Pill", is an expanded version of any primary key which can be used for quick and easy access to all functions of a key on one screen. With the pill, any letter/number/symbol can be typed with one keypress. By by pressing that key and gliding towards the center of
the keypad, the Pill will appear. Then to select the number or symbol which appears in the Pill, slide your touch up or down the Pill and release. The pill disappears.

To Space: A space can be inserted using the spacebar, or by swiping 2 letters to the right.

SoftFrog for iPhone FAQ

I purchased FrogPad Notetaker but it doesn't appear in my apps on iTunes?

We're not sure why this happens sometimes but we have notified Apple of the problem. If you are on a Mac computer locate the FrogPad NoteTaker software using your browser. Select your user file, then the Music, then iTunes, then Mobile Applications nested folders. The NoteTaker will be in that file but will appear as a document rather than an application. Change the file name to Frogpad NoteTaker 1.0.ipa and it should appear as a recognized application. It will also be added to your iPhone the next time you synch.

Alternatively, one user reported that they downloaded the appliction directly to their iPhone and it worked fine that way.

How do I navigate through the letter, number, and symbol screens?

The "Symbols" button on the lower left or right (depending on if you're in lefty or righty mode) side of the keyboard will scroll from primary letters to secondary letters, primary symbols, secondary symbols, and numeric keypads. If you use the Pill, you will not need to scroll.

Can I reverse scroll from the secondary letters directly back to the primary letters keypad?

At this time you can only scroll forward through the five keypads. If you stay in the "Primary" screen, you can access all functions with the Pill.

Is there a way to capitalize a secondary letter when I type it from the primary letter keypad?

Yes. For example, the letter "c" is the secondary letter to "t". From the primary letter keypad if you press "t" and glide down towards the "s" below it the lowercase "c" will appear. To capitalize the "c", press the letter "t", glide down towards "s" below it, then back up to the "t" again. The capitalized letter "C" should appear. This allows you to type ALL letters in both lower case and caps from the primary letter keypad.

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